AME TRADING is a used car exporter in Japan.We deal all Japanese brand cars,Toyota,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Honda,Mazda,Subaru,Suzuki,Daihatsu,Isuzu,Hino,Fuso,UD and other world brand cars.AME TRADING provides used cars which are high quality and low price.You can find good condition and good looking vehicles.AME TRADING performs an auction bid in your substitute too.AME TRADING export used cars to Africa,The Middle East,Asia,Europe&NIS,North America,Latin America,Ocean state,Oceania...Our used cars are high quality and low price.

Why do you have to buy a used car
from Japan?

Japanese used cars are high quality and excellent condition.
We show you some merits by purchasing a used car from Japan.

Do you know "SHAKEN"?
There is a regulation of severe inspection in Japan called "SHAKEN". All vehicles must undergo inspection every 2 years for register. If a vehicle have any problem, it cannot undergo "SHAKEN" and it is denied registration. Those cars cannot run public road. Also the vehicles need to undergo regular inspection every year or every 6 month. So, a lot of vehicles are keeping good condition.

What is Auction's Grade?
Dealer auctions quote the grade clearly. Auction houses have inspection staffs, they conduct strict inspection based on a regulation. And then they present the Auction's Grade. For example 4, 3.5, 3, R etc. You can check the condition from auction sheet and you can know accident history.

The reason of a little mileage.
Many Japanese used cars have a little mileage. Many people drive a car on only weekend. Weekday, they have a job, and mostly they go to their office by train. And only weekend, they go out by car with their family or friends. They are called "Sunday Driver". They don't drive every day, so mileage is a little. Standard may be about 10,000km per year.

AME TRADING is a good used car exporter in Japan. We are offering the used car of the high quality made in Japan by a low price. The model for which you surely hope will be found in the stock of AME TRADING.
However, we can find the model for which it hopes for you when looking for the used car that doesn't exist in the stock. Moreover, we are doing the successful bid agency in the car auction of Japan. We will have received the order and the inquiry with E-mail. We will answer your inquiry in sincerities. Please feel free to contact us.

We deal the following Japanese brands and other brands of the world.
Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi Honda Mazda Subaru Suzuki Daihatsu Isuzu Hino Fuso UD VW BMW Mercedes Benz Audi Porsche Rover Fiat etc.Export to ,Africa,The Middle East,Asia,Europe&NIS,Latin America,North America,Ocean state,Oceania.


Final destination/Discharge port
Angola Luanda/Aruba/Antigua and Barbuda St.John's/Australia Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne Townsville Sydney/Bahamas Nassau/Bangladesh Chittagong Dhaka/Barbados Bridgetown/Belgium Antwerp/Bhutan Thimphu/Botswana Gaborone/Burundi Bujumbura/Canada New Westminister Vancouver/Chile Iquique/Colombia Barranquilla/Congo Pointe Norie Kinshasa/Cyprus Limmasol Larnaca Famagusta/Djibouti/Dominica Roseau/Dominican Santo Domingo/Fiji Island Suva Lautoka/Finland Hanko Helsinki/Gabon Livreville/Ghana Tema/Grenada St George's/Guyana Georgetown/Honduras Tegucigalpa/Hongkong/India Haldia Delhi Mumbai Chennai/Ireland Dublin/Jamaica Kingston/Jordan Aquaba/Kenya Mombasa Nairobi/Kiribati Tarawa/Malawi Lilongwe/Maldives Male/Malta Valletta/Mauritius Port Louis/Micronesia Pohnpei/Mongolia Ulaanbaatar/Mozambique Maputo/Netherlands Amsterdam Rotterdam/Netherlands Antilles Curacao Philipsburg St. Maarten/Papua New Guinea Lae Port Moresby/Nepal Kathmandu/New Zealand Auckland Wellington Lyttelton Nelson/Nigeria Lagos/Norway Oslo/Pakistan Karachi Islamabad/Peru Matarani/Philippines Manila/Poland Warszawa/Puerto Rico/Russia Vladivostok/Saint Lucia Port Castries/Saint Vincent Kingstown/Seychelles Mahe Victoria/Sierra Leone Freetown/Singapore/Solomon Islands Honiara/South Africa Durban Port Elizabeth/Sri Lanka Colombo/St.Kitts Saint Christopher and Nevis Basseterre/Suriname Paramaribo/Sweden Trelleborg Gothenburg/Tanzania Dar es Salaam Zanzibar/Thailand Leam Chabang Bangkok/Togo Lome/Tonga Nuku'alofa/Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain/U.A.E Dubai Sharjah/Uganda Kampala/UK Southampton Liverpool Newcastle Bristol/Uzbekistan Toshkent/Venezuela Caracas/Yap Micronesia Chuuk Phonpei Kosrae/Zambia Lusaka/Zimbabwe Harare

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